Young woman in a street demonstration with a megaphone

Change in a Box

When all this is over, how do you want the world to be different?

What is Change in a Box?

Right now, everything feels pretty challenging. It can be difficult to make sense of it all or know how to help. Change in a Box is a social action kit for young people. It’s for anybody who wants to make a difference but isn’t sure how to get started. Young people don’t need any previous knowledge, experience or skills to get stuck in. Change in a Box takes learners on a three-step journey:

“It felt like a lockdown survival kit.”

Kit recipient


Inspiring stories of social action that made the world a better place. The book is visual, easy to read, and comes with an audiobook version.


Fun activities accompany each story. Experiment with new techniques and materials to make something meaningful.


Practical advice for making a difference in the community, links to reliable resources, and advice for making sense of everything in a really confusing time.