A selection of colourful presentation slides, explaining what social action is

Lesson plan

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Social Action Lesson Plan

A 30-minute lesson to help students consider the rights afforded to citizens in the UK, some of the challenges faced by different diverse identities, and the contribution they can make in making positive change in this respect.

Teachers will need to be familiar with the presentation slides and speaker notes. An audiovisual set-up with a project/screen and sound will be required. Students will need pen and paper. The rear pages of any exercise book is fine, though large flipchart paper and pens will work particularly well. Working in teams is encouraged.

Curriculum links

This lesson contributes to some of the national curriculum’s learning aims for Key Stage 3 citizenship programmes in England:

  • Develop an interest in volunteering and other forms of responsible activity
  • Think critically and debate political questions
  • Explore the rights of citizens in the UK
  • Understand the ways in which citizens work together to improve their communities
  • Consider diverse identities in the UK and the need for mutual respect and understanding